The World Order and Investment Security

We are stepping into a new era of international relations and cooperation. According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report for 2018, risks are becoming more volatile as governmental, economic, and societal systems are increasingly interconnected. The period of transition to a new world order is unstable. Given that context, a company must implement new capabilities in order to become – or remain – an agent of change.

Global Risks and World Markets

The risks are global, but the company is one-of-a-kind: The evaluation of a company must be indexed to its economic sector and business. We design an ad hoc strategic dashboard, a true operational tool for top management that provides continuous support for your international roll-out in your main subsidiaries.

International Politics and Influence

Geopolitics is world-systems analysis. International politics (cooperation) is the action and decision-making area. We work with you to interpret and make the best of the international context; to adjust your strategy if necessary; and to implement the necessary measures to ensure ideal execution of your road map.