Partnerships and Competition

The company evolves as part of the interplay among ever-shifting actors, moving between cooperation and competition. All of these actors are developing growth strategies. It’s essential to know how to do battle and set out to conquer the markets that you can and must win, whether standing alone or in partnership with others. For a 21st-century company, going global involves proper management of those interwoven players, as well as an unceasing exploration of the “new frontiers” of Globalization 2.0.

Steering Your Machine Abroad

The link between headquarters and the entities and employees it has deployed abroad must remain strong and fully in line with the company’s plan. Excessive decentralization opens the door to a loss of control and of visibility. At the same time, overly centralized decision-making can lead to a widening gap between headquarters and the field. A multi-continent international roll-out requires specific governance. The choice of personnel and alliances is, as always, the key factor. Companies concerned: major corporate groups.

Business Diplomacy & Influence

Our strategic advising on the international level consists in operational guidance in your priority countries and regions. We’ll work with you in China, Southeast Asia, and the United States.